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The Catholic Youth Bible

The Catholic Youth Bible



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Uniquely Catholic

The Catholic Youth Bible is filled with reflections and features to enhance your understanding of Catholicism:

  • Catholic Connections articles explain the scriptural basis of Catholic beliefs and practices and address the principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Did You Know? features provide insight into how the Church has interpreted key Scripture passages throughout history

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Live Your Faith

Special features scattered throughout The Catholic Youth Bible help you put your faith into practice:

  • Challenge features provide ideas for specific, practical actions you can take to live your faith in your family, school, or community
  • Who is my Neighbor? articles help you explore your connection and responsibility to others

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Make it Personal

The Catholic Youth Bible is filled with places to personalize:

  • Scripture Highlights provide space to color and reflect on key verses
  • Reflection spaces at the ends of books allow space for notes or journaling

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Dive Deeper

When you need the right words at the right time, The Catholic Youth Bible makes it easy:

  • Explore the Bible offers thematic reading plans to guide you through key moments in scripture, such as remarkable women or men of the Bible, stories of God's mercy and forgiveness, guidance for when life is unfair, and more
  • The When I'm Feeling section leads you to scripture that will guide and support you as you face life's challenges
  • The Psalm Theme Index will help you find the right Psalm to pray in any situation

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Love it for Life 

Printed by a renowned printer in Italy, each Bible is constructed using Smythe sewing in the spine, rather than a glued spine. This means your Catholic Youth Bible has a durable, high-quality binding that will last through years of wear without cracking, breaking or losing pages.  Smythe stitching is also more flexible, allowing pages to lay flat for easier reading.

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Journey with The Church

The New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE) translation is the same as you hear at Mass in the United States. The Sunday Readings guide will help you find the right passages each Sunday.

The Being Catholic section provides a guide to core Catholic Beliefs, Attitudes, Practices, and Spirituality & Prayers.

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Read for Your Needs 

All elements of The Catholic Youth Bible are designed for you, using accessible language and featuring topics relevant to your life and struggles.

Growing in Faith articles help you consider how the Bible's messages apply to questions and situations you face now or in the future.

Searching for God sidebars will guide you to embrace prayer and a Christian lifestyle, even when it's challenging.

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Explore with Ease 

Special color-coded navigation will help you find your way around The Catholic Youth Bible with ease, regardless of how familiar you are with scripture. Colored bars along the bottom mark sections of the Bible, and colored tabs along the side differentiate the books.  A guide to both is at the front of the Bible.  The Bible also includes extras like special indexes, maps, a glossary, and more!


 Published by Saint Mary's Press, 1777 pages.



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