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Because God Is Real - Sixteen Questions, One Answer -

Because God Is Real - Sixteen Questions, One Answer


By Peter Kreeft. Don't you just love that title? Because God Is Real is the ultimate apologetic book, in a question and answer format. This book tackles the tough questions in a clear, easy to understand way. Questions like: Why do I exist? How can you prove that God is real? Why be moral? Why aren't we happy? Why is there evil? Why must we die? Peter Kreeft gives complete and masterful answers suitable for teens and adults alike. This is a great book for believers, unbelievers, new Catholics, Confirmation candidates, as well as religious education classes; in fact, for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the basics of their faith. In Peter Kreeft's wonderful way, some of the answers really made me ponder and gave me a better understanding of my religious beliefs. Softcover, 236 pages.

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