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Fast with the Heart


The fact that Our Lady calls is to a two day fast, on Wednesdays and Fridays, in its own way attests to a preparation for a meeting with the Eucharistic Christ. Thursday has always been a day of the Eucharist and the Priesthood. That is why the Wednesday fast, from the Eucharistic standpoint, is in preparation for Thursday, the day of the Eucharist. The Friday fast is in thanksgiving for the Eucharist and is a realization of the possibility of remaining with the Eucharistic Christ for an entire lifetime.

By worthily preparing for the meeting with the Eucharistic Christ at the Eucharistic feast, man prepares himself for the eternal feast in Heaven. In its own way, the Eucharist is a preparation and a foretaste of the eternal feast in the Kingdom of God.  Father Slavko Barbaric

'Life with bread' was an expression Father Slavko used often in speaking about fasting. That expression has forever been etched in my mind and became a concrete reality for me during these years with him. I came to realize and understand what the word FASTING is meant to stand for: Acceptance, Self-control, Truth, Integrity, Nourishment and Grace.  The purpose of fasting is not to deny ourselves sustenance or to feel hunger, but to grow in the 'inner freedom' necessary to be open to God's graces and love. It compels us, on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels to reach purity, humility, peace and joy Our Lady is continually calling us to. I discovered that the goal of fasting is 'perfection and holiness'.  Rita Falsetto, Translator and Lecturer

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