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Greeting Card Assortment


Send a greeting card with a message from Our Lady of Medjugorje plus a touching Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, or Sympathy verse. Photo-art by Chantal, inside verses by Mary Sue Eck.  Sold in packs of 10 cards with envelopes (9 x 4). Please tell us which cards you want to purchase as well as how many of each totaling 10, by clicking on  "Add a note to your order" in the Shopping Cart.


Outside:  "When you pray, you are much more beautiful, like flowers which after the rain, show all their beauty, and all their colors become indescribable... Pray and open your inner self to the Lord, so that He makes of you a harmonious and beautiful flower for Paradise."

Inside:  You are a beautiful rose in the garden of my life. May birthday blessings fill your soul today: The blessings of a father's love and protection from God the Father, The blessing of love, mercy, and peace from Jesus the Son, The Blessing of an increase of faith from God the Holy Spirit, And the blessing of joy, from the personification of Joy, Blessed Mother Mary. HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Outside:  "Little Children, offer your sufferings as a Gift to God, so they become a most beautiful flower of joy...  Pray that you may understand that sufferings can become joy and the Cross the way of joy."

Inside:  Illness and pain give us the opportunity to join our suffering with Jesus on the Cross. Illness can also become a time of miracles, through prayer and faith. May my prayers for you bring the miracle of healing to your heart and body. Get Well Soon!


Outside:  "I invite you to decide for God and He will protect you and show you what you should do, and which path to take... I am with you, and your sufferings are also Mine."

Inside:  Losing a loved one leaves an immense void in your heart; You wonder, "Will I ever feel whole again?"  May the Lord Jesus fill that gaping wound of loneliness in your life.  May He hold you as closely and as tenderly as He now holds your loved one for all eternity.


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