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Fathers' Manual

Fathers' Manual


King Solomon wrote, "A wise son makes his father glad."

But how does a father make a wise son?  Fatherhood is a gift, a vocation, a challenge, a delight, and a cross, all rolled into one.  Fatherhood is an invitation to love!

God calls a husband to love his wife with a devoted, tender, and fervent love that prefers her to all others.  The vocation of a father, along with his wife, is to lead his family to heaven.  Parents have the duty to love and respect their children as persons and as children of God, and to provide, as far as possible, for their physical and spiritual needs.  The Church calls parents to educate their children in the ways of the Lord and to help them discover and fulfill God's designs for them.  Parents do this mainly through their example, shared in prayer, teaching, and their own participation in the life of the Church.

The Fathers' Manual  helps fathers grow in their own relationship with God, their  Father! Included are maxims, a summary of Catholic teaching, daily prayers, litanies, novenas, and devotions.  Also provided is a section on how to pray the Rosary, with brief meditations on all 20 mysteries, as well as prayers about marriage, children, family, and healing, and end with scriptures for fathers.

Take a moment today and spend it with Our Lord.  We pray that you will feel God's love in your heart and His presence in your life, and your all-important vocation of building on earth His Kingdom of love.

Softcover, 4 x 6, 96 pages.



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