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Beautiful Eucharist

Beautiful Eucharist

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Nothing will transform your life quite like a personal encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist.  When we encounter Jesus, he changes us in powerful and unexpected ways.  He heals us, brings us peace and clarity, models how to relate with others, and teaches us the lessons we need to learn to navigate the everyday situations of our lives.  In the Eucharist we meet with the same Jesus who healed the blind, forgave sins, and rose from the dead.  Are you ready to discover how he can transform your life too?

Beautiful Eucharist is a stunning collection of life-changing reflections about Jesus truly present in the Eucharist and wonderfully present in our lives.

Some of the most beloved authors of our times have come together to witness to their personal encounters with Jesus in the Eucharist, provide eye-opening insight into the Mass, and inspire every reader to grow closer to God, one step at a time.

Father Mike Schmitz, Peter Kreeft, Lisa Hendey, Matthew Kelly, Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Fulton Sheen, Sister Helena Burns, Allen Hunt, Matt Warner and others have each contributed deeply personal reflections.

The perfect companion for the National Eucharistic Revival called for by the United States Bishops, Beautiful Eucharist will help you encounter Jesus like never before.  Whether you need to repair a broken relationship, long for peace, hope to reignite your faith, or want more joy in everyday life, this book will bring you face-to-face with the one person who has all the answers.

The world needs the healing and hope only Jesus can provide.  He is waiting in the Eucharist to transform families, Churches, communities, and the culture as a whole.  And all of that begins with your own life-changing encounter with him today.

Beautiful Eucharist is an invitation to encounter the life-giving presence of Jesus in the Eucharist so you can be a life-giving presence in the world.

Softcover, 106 pages.



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