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A Mother's Plea -

A Mother's Plea

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Lifting the veil in Sanctuary by Father Anthony Bus. In the lonely walk through spiritual dryness when God seems so distant, a woman's voice is heard in the deep recesses of the soul of a struggling priest in a diverse parish. She prods him to discover God and the meaning and purpose of life in the sacred silence of sanctuary. From that space in sanctuary, the veil is lifted to the ongoing drama of a mission that would ensure the reconciliation and peace of her children.

In A Mother's Plea, Fr. Anthony Bus recounts his journey to fulfill a call in the face of spiritual trials and elusive triumphs detailing how faith and trustful surrender sustain the hope that waits for what is unseen. This revised edition brings a long-awaited dramatic finale to the story that promises hope to a suffering world.

A must-read for those on their own path to an authentic spiritual awakening! 

Soft cover, 390 pages.


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