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40 Days with God - Time out to Journey through the Bible

40 Days with God - Time out to Journey through the Bible


How much time is enough to be with God?  While it could be the 40 days or years used so often in the Bible, it’s also possible that simply stealing a few minutes from the busy-ness of each day is enough time to be in Kairos, “God time.”   The same is true for the space needed to find God.  Whether it be in a deserted place or one filled with activity, whatever space we can carve out to find God—or to make enough room to be found—is enough space.  This book is about being with God in short time and tight spaces.  The journey is taken through and with the Bible, 40 reflections based on 40 passages from Scripture, starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation.  For the prayerful reader, it is an opportunity to carve out God-space and God-time, a pilgrimage with God, toward God.

Softcover, 130 pages.


“Kent Hickey is one of the funniest and most spiritual people I know.  In this book, Kent has chosen a variety of Bible stories and brought them to life by providing context, Ignatian imagination, and thoughtful reflection.  He then asks us to ponder questions pertinent to our times.  Kent challenges us to look both within our lives and at moral dilemmas and Christian social teaching.  I laughed out loud and cried a few times. It is a must read.” —Carolyn Becic, President, St. Andrew Nativity School, Portland, OR
“Kent does a wonderful job of connecting seemingly distant scripture passages with our current world and then challenging us to consider how to make the message of each passage personal.  What a great way to grow closer to God. 40 Days with God invites and challenges us to discover our innermost selves.” —Dr. Matt Barmore, Director, Ignatian Spirituality Center, Seattle, WA
“This book is full of references to contemporary movies, literature, and current events. These connections allow each of us to find God in the ordinary events of daily life in ways that will surprise us and heighten our awareness of the movements of God’s spirit.” —Cindy Reopelle, Principal, Gonzaga Preparatory School, Spokane, WA





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