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A Cry of Stone -

A Cry of Stone

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By Michael D. O'Brien. This book of 846 pages is the story of a saint. She isn't a real saint; she isn't a real character, but you'll never forget her. Rose sees the good in everyone but herself. Her humility at times tries the reader's patience, yet ultimately you realize that in this lies her greatness. Rose's great joy comes from praying before the Blessed Sacrament, where the Beating Heart, as she calls her Jesus, is always waited for her. Rose is small, with a twisted back. Her pain never leaves her, but she uses it to bring blessings upon those she loves. To this end she welcomes her suffering. No book about any saint has demonstrated for me the incredible value of suffering. Rose Wabos is an Indian girl, and an artist of great talent.

Her constant pain tears at one's heart, yet she walks with her Jesus-Manito and He is her comfort. The reader comes to accept that there will be no happy ending to this story, as in other books, but the promise of the Resurrection is never made more real.

Hardcover, 846 pages.


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