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Abandoned - The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars -

Abandoned - The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars


By Monica Migliorino Miller. Surely, someday in the future, our Church will canonize some leaders of the war against abortion in our times. And no doubt one of those declared a saint will be Monica Miller. I have long admired these pro-life advocates who go beyond praying against abortion, and put their liberty, and sometimes their very lives, on the line to stop the killing of babies in the womb. Some of the events of this book took place in Chicago, not that many miles from where I have lived for 34 years. Was I sleeping peacefully in my comfortable bed when Monica and her friends went, by night, into the frightening alleyways of the windy city, and climbed into the rat-infested dumpsters behind abortion facilities, to rescue the bodies of hundreds of tiny slaughtered children, so they wouldn't be thrown away like garbage? There is so much I didn't know about these heroes of our time. They make me proud to be part of a Pro-Life Church with them. I'll never forget this incredible book and neither will you.

Hardcover, 298 pages.



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