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Amazing Graces - The Blessings of Sacramentals


By Julie Dortch Cragon. What do ashes, holy water, and statues have in common? They are part of a beautiful gift from the Church; they are sacramentals. "Sacramentals are items, actions, and blessings that remind us to be faithful, to pray, to love one another, and to be grateful to our God, who is merciful and who loves us unconditionally." Ashes remind us of our sins and our need for repentance. We bless ourselves with holy water to remind us of our Baptism. We do not worship statues, but rather, they are an example of how to follow God, as reflected in the lives of the Blessed Mother and the saints. Amazing Grace contains readings on twenty-four sacramentals in our Church. Each reading offers a witness, a grace, a prayer, and a challenge. There is no magic in sacramentals; but they can bring us closer to Heaven in our walk with Christ.  Softcover, 124 pages. 

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