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Angels: Help from on High - Stories & Prayers

Angels: Help from on High - Stories & Prayers


God has given the angels to us as our helpers, protectors, and friends. They're on our side.

But who are the angels? We can't see or hear them because they don't have bodies like we do. As completely spiritual beings, they are shrouded in mystery. But our faith lifts the veil and lets us peek in - at least a little.

Drawing from the official teaching of the Church, popular devotion, and the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, this book provides information about the angels. It also contains stories of encountering the angels, and a collection of prayers for their intercession. Learn more about:

• Michael - the protector
• Gabriel - God's messenger
• Raphael - the healer
• The other angels in the Bible
• The guardian angels
• Aquinas on the angels

Let the prayers and stories of real people who have had help from the angels open your heart to the care they can provide for you.  Written and compiled by Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP. 

Softcover, 125 pages, 4 ½ x 7


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