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Deathbed Conversions - Finding Faith at the Finish Line

Deathbed Conversions - Finding Faith at the Finish Line


W.C. Fields reportedly quipped as he flipped through a Bible on his deathbed, "I'm looking for loopholes."

Is a last minute conversion really a loophole?  Is it fair to the faithful who have "toed the line" their whole lives?

Far from being the easy way out, a deathbed conversion is almost always the culmination of years spent resisting God's patient, persistent call.  Each of these journeys to redemption will deepen your faith and encourage you to help others find their way to him.

In this book, you'll read the compelling stories of thirteen people who finally found peace with the Lord in the last months, weeks, or even hours of their lives, including:

  • Poet/playwright Oscar Wilde
  • Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel
  • Actors John Wayne, Patricia Neal, and Gary Cooper
  • Gangster Dutch Schultz
  • Entertainer Buffalo Bill
  • And more...

Softcover, 144 pages.





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