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Father McBride's College Catechism

Father McBride's College Catechism

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How can I be sure God exists?

Aren't all religions really the same in the end?

Why do I have to go to Mass?

Who says I need salvation?

Why do I need a church?

Hard questions...and ones you'll often hear on many college campuses.

Now best-selling author Father Alfred McBride, O.Praem., presents a brand-new catechism written especially for college and university students.  Created to meet the unique needs of a questioning, searching, yet idealistic audience, Father McBride's College Catechism addresses misconceptions and objections about the Faith head-on, while gently and persuasively answering those arguments with sound teaching rooted in the authentic teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Special features include:
-- Moving stories of modern-day Faith and the search for truth
-- Examination of misunderstood and misleading interpretations of the Catholic Faith frequently discussed on college campuses
-- Summaries of the Catechism's teachings
-- Engaging questions to spark dialog
-- Meaningful prayers and reflections

The sincerity, honesty, and frankness of Father McBride's College Catechism provides an ideal counterpoint to the questioning, curiosity, and searching that typifies today's college students.  A "must-read" for anyone in their late teens.

Softcover, 290 pages.



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