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Father Paul of Moll, Benedictine Wonder-Worker


By Edward van Speybrouck. Through the centuries, and today, we have healing priests. People are often healed of illnesses through these holy priests. However, there are always more people who are not healed. Many of us have been to these healing sessions and been prayed over or accompanied family or friends who were critically ill and there was no healing. Not so with Father Paul, who lived from 1824 to 1896. He healed almost everyone who came to him. If they weren't to be healed he told them. He told one man he wouldn't be healed until he stopped blaspheming the name of Jesus. There is no hype in this book.  As I read each page, I wondered why I'd never heard of this incredible man. Often he told a person what would take place in their life and it always happened.

Father Paul's own body has been found incorrupt and many healings have taken place for those who pray at his grave. He promised to heal even more people after his death, and many pray for his help today. He gave credit to St. Benedict for all the healings during his lifetime and gave hundreds of St. Benedict medals to people, telling them to say a novena or use the medal in some way and healing would happen. He told people to dip their St. Benedict medal in their medicine before taking it, or to dip it in water and drink it, or to pour it over the affected part of their body.

The book also includes the life of St. Benedict, as told by St. Gregory the Great, and it tells about the medal of St. Benedict. Softcover, 350 pages.

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