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The Critically Acclaimed Novel by Brian J. Gail

I love big books and this is a big book. It became, for me, a trip back down memory lane, into memories that weren’t always pleasant: memories of the late 1960’s, when my faith faltered and I lost my way for three years.  I’ve always wondered how it happened, and reading this book about our Catholic Church during that time, and seeing how the author used that time to affect various families, as well as the main character, Father John Sweeney in a Catholic parish, helped me sort that out.  Parts of this book shocked me, parts saddened me, and parts made me actually cry with joy.

As various male characters attempt to live their Catholic values in a business world no longer interested in God, I recalled hard times when my Larry agonized over similar, though not as evil demands, always aware that his job was on the line. Finally, he left, and eventually with God’s help, joined two other men in a small company, where his values were more appreciated than condemned.  We never missed the money.  Peace of mind and heart have their own rewards.

Author Brian Gail is a father with seven children. The research he had to do to write this book is staggering.  It is the first of a trilogy of three books.  Softcover, 544 pages.


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