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Finding Your Hidden Treasure - The Way of Silent Prayer - Catholic Shoppe USA

Finding Your Hidden Treasure - The Way of Silent Prayer


By Benignus O'Rourke, OSA. Have you ever felt dryness in your prayer life? Where the words just don't come? Where the mind wanders in all directions? Where God feels distant? If so, Finding your "hidden treasure" is your invitation to a timeless path of prayer. Allow Father O'Rourke, an Augustinian monk, to be your spiritual director and guide you in the "prayer of silence". Saint Augustine urges us, "Wheresoever you are, whereso­ever you may be praying, He who hears you is within you, hidden within …. Prayer at its deepest is more than words." You will become acquainted with Saint Augustine and his 'struggle' with prayer (and he's a saint!) and be given direction on a seven step journey through silent prayer. We are so bombarded with constant 'noise' that the 'silence' is a healing balm which soothes our weary hearts and soul. Remember the words of our Creator … Be still and know that I am God. Softcover, 163 pages.

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