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God Alone is Enough


A Spirited Journey with St. Teresa of Avila, by Claudia Mair Burney. What can a nun who lived five centuries ago possibly teach a postmodern mother of a sizeable brood? Plenty! "God Alone is Enough," is a heartwarming story of a deep friendship shared between the author and St. Teresa of Avila, a contemplative Carmelite nun, who attained mystical union with God. You will gain much insight into the relationship between St. Teresa and her Beloved Spouse as you wander through the seven dwellings of the interior castle (your soul). You won't tire on the journey because 'rest stops' are provided with practical mini-lessons as you come closer to God. In St. Teresa's words, "Place yourself in the presence of Christ. Don't wear yourself out thinking. Simply speak with your Beloved. Delight in Him. Lay your needs at His feet." So set out for a spirited journey as you, too, experience God's love in your soul. At the end of your journey, may your words echo those of St. Teresa... God alone is enough! Softcover, 170 pages.

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