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God Will Provide


By Patricia Treece. The title of this book jumped out at me because these are words that my parents had instilled in me … God will provide. You will see how these words ring true in the inspiring stories of how God's bounty opened to many holy people. Blessed John XXIII, Dorothy Day, Mother Angelica, St. Padre Pio, to name just a few, learned that surrendering to God - fully and without reservation - was the path to a life without worries. They had to choose between "my way or Thy way" and discovered that "Thy way", God's Will, was always the right choice. Ms. Treece also shares a blueprint of nine steps to help you place your trust in God and receive Divine assistance. The first step is the hardest, but well worth the effort: Surrender everything as much as you can. When you do, everything will fall into place, in God's time. God will provide. The act of surrendering has worked in my parent's life, my life, and it will work in yours, too. This is a book to share with family and friends - positive, uplifting, and practical! Softcover, 178 pages.

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