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Heaven Speaks About Abortion - Catholic Shoppe USA

Heaven Speaks About Abortion


Heaven Speaks About Abortion contains messages from Jesus, the Blessed Mother and St. Mary Magdalene recorded in August 2005. Every year millions of children are rejected by their parents prior to birth. Jesus offers healing and forgiveness to all involved. To those who feel this is the 'unforgivable sin,' Jesus opens His arms in a quiet call for understanding. To parents who have elected to abort their children, for whatever reason, He offers these words of unencumbered, love, forgiveness and encouragement. "I am sad each time I welcome a rejected little one back to Myself. And they are welcomed home, believe Me ... In the same way, we will welcome you home, regardless of your sins. Be at peace ... You are forgiven. I have many things to share with you that will help you to understand your situation. Rest your wounded little heart against Me now as I show you how to return in completeness." (August 1, 2005)  13 pages.

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