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Heaven Speaks to Victims of Clerical Abuse Booklet - Catholic Shoppe USA

Heaven Speaks to Victims of Clerical Abuse


Jesus has a profound concern for souls who have endured sexual abuse by the clergy. Recorded in August 2005, His messages are most tender and healing. Included are messages from St. John the Apostle, speaking directly about the process of healing and forgiveness, as well as words from the Blessed Mother. Victims of any kind of abuse, from any source, will find great solace in these messages directly from heaven. Jesus says: "Today I speak to the victims of such sin. Dear soul, I will heal you. I have your healing here and you have only to ask for it ... You can accept bitterness, yes, because this is your choice. Or you can come to Me, Jesus, and allow Me to heal your heart and soul and restore you to the dignity that belongs to you and that can never be taken by force ... You were betrayed, dear soul, and what happened to you was also a betrayal of Me. I take both betrayals seriously. For this reason, I am allotting unlimited graces for your healing. Come to Me and let Me remove your pain." (August 13, 2005)  14 pages.

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