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Heaven's Splendor and the Riches That Await You There

Heaven's Splendor and the Riches That Await You There


By Sr. Mary Ann Fatula, O.P.    Heaven.  Have you imagined what it will be like?  Probably.  Will you recognize your loved ones?  What will you be doing?  How will your risen body look and feel?  This book addresses your questions, and the answers are amazing.  The answers are based on Scripture and the writings of the saints and Church Fathers.  Topics such as the life of the Blessed Trinity, the Communion of Saints, the mystery of death and our glorious resurrection, are addressed.  The best chapter is saved for last:  How we can begin to live Heaven now!  I join in Sr. Mary Ann’s prayer for you: “…May our Blessed Mother be our helper and guide as we consider these beautiful insights of the saints.  Even now, we are surrounded by this great cloud of witnesses who long for us to share in their bliss.  May we feel their closeness to us and may the Holy Spirit who anointed them deepen our longing for Heaven.”

Softcover, 99 pages. 




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