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How To Forgive Yourself And Others - Catholic Shoppe USA

How To Forgive Yourself And Others


By Father Eamon Tobin. In the Lord's Prayer we pray " ... Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us ..." It is easy to say those words, but sometimes it is difficult to actually live them. We've all been hurt by others' words and actions, but Jesus' message is forgiveness, not only of others but also of ourselves (which is sometimes more difficult). Fr. Tobin clarifies the meaning of forgiveness and offers concrete and practical steps in forgiving others, God, the Church, and self. This small book offers a big promise… that when we ask Jesus to help us to forgive, our wounds will be healed and our hearts will be open to love. Forgiveness is God's gift of freedom to us. Softcover, 82 pages.

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