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How to Listen When God is Speaking


A Guide for Modern-Day Catholics. By Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J. When is the last time you heard silence in your life? Did you know that silence is the language of God? So, if you want to hear God's Voice, you need to understand His language. Fr. Mitch Pacwa, a popular host at EWTN, provides a guide to help you pay attention to God's Voice and to understand what He is saying. The book seeks to answer questions such as: How can you tell the difference between God's Voice and the little voice in your head? What is discernment of God's Will? What are the goals and purposes of listening to God in the modern world? You will discover how to become listeners like Jesus' disciples, and how to respond to God in prayer. At the end of each chapter are questions for reflection to help you grow in your prayer life. This is a very practical guide on prayer that can be used by the individual or in a study group with others.

Softcover, 173 pages.




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