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In the School of the Holy Spirit


By Fr. Jacques Philippe. St. Faustina writes in her spiritual Diary that the shortest way to holiness is "faithfulness to the Holy Spirit." But who is this mysterious third person of the Holy Trinity? How do you recognize His voice in your life? How do you distinguish between an inspiration from God or an outside source? These and other questions are addressed in Fr. Philippe's classroom. Included in this book is a beautiful prayer to the Holy Spirit as well as words of wisdom by Fr. Louis Lallemant, a great figure in the Society of Jesus, and St. Francis De Sales, a well regarded theologian on the love of God. God's aim is not to complicate your life, but, rather, to make it simpler. Keeping that in mind, you are invited to become a student in the school of the Holy Spirit. Softcover, 90 pages.

Father Jacques Philippe is a “Shepherd” in the Communité du Lion de Juda in Rome. A priest since 1985, he regularly preaches retreats in France and abroad.


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