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Island of the World


By Michael D. O'Brien. Michael writes BIG books and this one is no exception. It is 2 ½ inches thick and has 839 pages! It tells the story of Croatia, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the history of that persecuted country, long before the war began in 1991, told through one man's life. It begins with the boyhood story of this man as a young lad, deeply committed to his Catholic faith, and you have the same sense of being there in his home with him, as in Monsignor's Harte's book They Shall Bear You Up. All too quickly you enter the years of tragedy and you follow the boy through life as he deals with one cross after another. When you finish, you know why Our Lady appeared there among those holy people. The author does not mention Medjugorje although he alludes to it. Mr. O'Brien is a genius of a writer. I grew so familiar with reading this book, night after night, that when I finished I felt I had lost a good friend. I'll never forget it. Hardcover, 839 pages.

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