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Lessons In Love - Moving Toward Divine Intimacy


Lessons In Love - Moving Toward Divine Intimacy by Anne, a lay apostle. "Jesus experiences each of us as His closest family member. Jesus experiences us as lovable and filled with promise. The experience Jesus has of us is constant and consistent in that He does not check in with us once a week or once a day or even once an hour. The Lord has been with us in a continual and uninterrupted fashion. Jesus never takes His gaze off of us." These words at the beginning of the book touched my heart and made me anxious to continue. Anne talks about layers inside the Divine Will. She knew five of the seven layers and then was given the sixth: prudence. Oh dear, I completely lack prudence. I didn't want to continue. Then I reread Ann's words: "We must give Jesus our past and let Him erase our mistakes so that we can rejoice in the present where Jesus loves us completely." I was chosen. I am chosen. With Jesus' love, I can learn prudence. Best of all, this book helps us deal with our marriages. "When a couple is married, Heaven places much hope in that sacrament," Ann says. When Larry and I realized this, it changed our married lives, through Worldwide Marriage Encounter. The Father called us to holiness together. Make this book your spiritual retreat. Softcover, 268 pages.

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