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Manual for Women

Manual for Women


By Danielle Bean.   Be who you are!  Women of all ages and all vocations are told by the world (and the evil one) how we should look, what we should do with our bodies, and who we are.  As you know, each woman is made in the image and likeness of God.  Thus, each woman is beautiful, amazing with God given gifts, and a temple of the Holy Spirit.  The Manual for Women is divided into two parts.  Part One introduces women to their feminine gifts of receptivity, sensitivity, compassion, beauty, and generosity.  Part Two offers wisdom from the Church, Scripture, and Saints on the feminine gifts.  Also included are a collection of prayers, poems, and hymns touching the heart of a woman.  My favorite passage is “You are woman, and you are worthy.  God calls you to greatness through your unique feminine vocation of love.  He has given you gifts of receptivity, sensitivity, compassion, beauty, and generosity to fulfill that calling, but no one can answer your own personal call to life-giving love but YOU (emphasis mine).”  A soft leather book that every woman of every age and vocation should carry with them.

Softcover, 286 pages. 




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