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My Little Catechism

My Little Catechism


This attractive and thorough My Little Catechism  teaches children the beauty of the Catholic Faith by answering fundamental questions in easy-to-understand language.  Centered on the profession of faith in the Apostles Creed, explanations are accompanied by Bible verses, prayers, and calls to action designed to help a child's faith develop into a vibrant, dynamic way of life.

After each lesson there is a nice little summary Bible verse, a one sentence We Believe on the truth taught in the lesson, a "Put into Practice" sample of how to live the lesson, a short "Prayer", and a couple short questions to "Test Yourself".

A catechism makes the Word of God ring within us to change our lives.  The Word of God is no ordinary word. Saint John tells us that Jesus is the Word, which means the Word in person!  Everything that God has to say to us, he says by giving us his Son, Jesus.  This catechism helps us learn more about Jesus so that we can know him, follow him, and keep him always in our hearts.

Ages 7 and up.  5 ½ x 7,  112 pages.




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