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Our Faith Journey


By Sally and Dave Leatherby. You and I weren't supposed to read this book. It was written, mostly by Dave Leatherby, for his children and grandchildren. Then Jim Gilboy, of CMJ Marian Publishers, somehow received a copy and he published it, called me, and suggested I read it. Several years ago I heard David Leatherby speak at a California conference. I loved his talk, called him, and published his story in the next issue. As I turned the first pages of this book, I was puzzled. I should have looked closer at the picture of the couple on the cover. This story wasn't at all familiar to me, until I realized it was David's father doing the writing. Part of the charm of this story is that Jim Gilboy didn't edit it. If Dave used the wrong word, he left it in. After all, it was only for his family. I loved the book. I was constantly amazed at this man's life and how he re-invented himself in the business world, yet always putting faith and family first. Through his son David, Sally and many in the family went to Medjugorje. Finally, a grandchild asked Dave to go and he agreed, ten years after his son first visited there. I think you'll enjoy the remarkable innocence of this book. Actually, it's a love story; what God can accomplish through the love of two people, joined by the Sacrament of Matrimony. Softcover, 194 pages.

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