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Our Lady's Locket and Rosary

Our Lady's Locket and Rosary

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The lovely translucent face of the Tihaljina Madonna looks like it is painted on ivory. The back cover has a fleur de lis pattern traced in the silver. Inside the locket is a precious little pearl and silver rosary. The locket is 2 inches tall and 1¼ inches wide. The silver chain measures 24 inches long and the rosary, 11 inches.

I have inserted a small piece of paper in mine on which I have written the initials of those I want to pray for. Often I'll lift the locket, touch it to my heart, and say, "From my heart to your heart, Mother". I'm placing all those loved ones into Our Lady's heart, without even having to name each one separately. I continue to add names (initials). There always seems to be room for one more. And I never have to worry about not having a rosary with me.  - Mary Sue



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