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Padre Pio And America


By Frank M. Rega. Padre Pio often said that he wanted all Americans to be his spiritual children and many are. Did you know that Padre Pio's father came to America to work so he could support his family? One of the first and closest friends from America was Mary Pyle, a wealthy aristocrat from New York. Mary was so close to Padre Pio that each of his parents lived with her before their deaths. She took many Americans into her house who were in Italy to see Padre Pio.

It is not surprising that America was very involved with Padre Pio and all his projects, especially after the Second World War, when the American soldiers constantly visited Padre Pio and brought their devotion to him home to their families.

The book begins with a biography of Padre Pio, with testimonies, stories, and funny antidotes. God bestowed wonderful gifts on this saint in his lifetime. The book tells of his spiritual children, his doctors, his priest brothers, his death, and his work on the hospital that he began. His legacy lives on, especially in his encounters with his beloved Americans. There are pictures of his parents, Mary Pyle, and more.

Learning how many Americans were involved in Padre Pio's life and work was amazing. You will love reading how he affected their lives, as only Americans can tell their story. Softcover, 308 pages.

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