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Pectoral Cross of Pope Francis


Pope Francis wears a pectoral cross – traditionally worn by popes, cardinals, and bishops on a chain or cord necklace. Popes usually wear pectoral crosses made of gold and usually adorned with jewels and precious stones, but Pope Francis opted to wear the old, unadorned silver cross he received as a gift from a friend when he was still an archbishop in Argentina.

The beauty of the cross is the meaning and simplicity it depicts: Christ the Good Shepherd leading the flock and carries the lost sheep on his shoulders - symbolic of the Pope's legacy as the "good shepherd". On the top of the cross is the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.

The cross, created by the Italian craftsman Antonio Vedele, is a beautiful highly detailed silver oxidized die cast and is made in Italy. We offer the cross in two sizes: the large is 3" with a 16" black cord for $7, the small is 2" with a 15" black cord for $4.25




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