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Prove It! God


By Amy Wellborn. This book is the first of five of the PROVE IT series for teens. I love these books because when my children became teens they questioned everything! like...Why do I have to go to Church? Why do I have a curfew? and on and on. Written in small, quick and easy to read chapters, with a few cool cartoons, it answers the questions that teens ask most. 

Written in a language and style that will hold teen's interest (You know that God is not the lead singer of Nirvana, right?) At the end of each chapter is a section called, "So … Our Point is …" which really goes to the heart of the matter without the cute banter. With excellent examples and quotes to bring home the point (Truth is truth so either it's true or false and that includes God.) this book taught me to approach the questions of my young adult children differently.

It's a great resource for Religious Education teachers and parents as well. Softcover, 113 pages.

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