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Purgatory, Prayer and Forgiveness


Anne has put together a volume-sized book entitled, Purgatory, Prayer, and Forgiveness. It includes Visions of Purgatory (from The Mist of Mercy), Heaven Speaks to Those Who Fear Purgatory (from the "Heaven Speaks" booklet), A Guide to Contemplative Prayer (from Transforming Grace), and Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle to Forgive (from the "Heaven Speaks" booklet). It also includes an appendix, with guidelines for lay apostles, information about starting a lay apostle monthly prayer group, as well as prayers of the rosary.

If you pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, are worried about Purgatory, struggle to forgive, or wish to form a deeper relationship with God through contemplative prayer, this book is priceless. Having it with me reminds me to pray for the Holy Souls and to keep growing in my relationship with God. Purgatory, you will discover, is one of God's greatest mercies.

Softcover, 113 pages.


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