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Serving in Clarity - A Guide for Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King - Catholic Shoppe USA

Serving in Clarity - A Guide for Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King


By Anne, a lay apostle. In the very first message of Jesus on the first page, He tells us "I will make you a saint." Then He says, "I will flow rich and constant graces through you into the world." Wow! Then, incredibly, He says, "You will be allowed to glimpse the fruit of your suffering at times. This will be a gift from Me, this knowledge of the connection between your suffering and the fruits I send to the world. You will know that the peace and conversion of your family members and loved ones is connected to the crosses you carry in quietness." And that's just in the first twelve lines of this book! Don't you think it will be easier to carry your cross if you can see the fruits in your family's lives? Remarkable. In addition to the wonderful messages of Jesus and Our Lady, Anne talks about duty, truth, the Good Shepherd, the invisible reality of God, holiness in relationships, humility, protection through obedience, and about not judging others. She then gives wonder­ful vignettes of the lives of various people, including a priest, that help you understand the title of the book, "Serving in Clarity." Finally Anne talks about her vision of the Mountain of Holiness. These pages alone are worth buying the book. Finally, the book contains the words of a previous pamphlet, "In Defense of Obedience and Reflections on the Priesthood," as well as all the monthly messages from Jesus, through June of 2008. There is great direction for our lives in these pages. Softcover, 267 pages.

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