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St. Joseph: Help for Life's Emergencies - Stories & Prayers - Catholic Shoppe USA

St. Joseph: Help for Life's Emergencies - Stories & Prayers


Let the saint who cared for Jesus and Mary care for you.
Compiled and edited by Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP.  We know we can trust someone who has training or expertise in a particular area, or whose personal experience connects with our own, or because that person simply, obviously, immensely cares about us.
Time and again Saint Joseph has interceded on behalf of so many people. He is often called on to intercede in the selling of a house. However, those with a devotion to Saint Joseph know that he can help with much more:

• Family Issues
• Employment
• Happy Death
• Divine Providence
• Finances
• Home Improvement
• Good Health

Let the prayers and stories of people who have sought St. Joseph's intercession open your heart to the care he can provide for you. Softcover, 98 pages, 4 ½ x 7

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