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Saint Monica and the Power of Persistent Prayer - Catholic Shoppe USA

Saint Monica and the Power of Persistent Prayer


By Mike Aquilina, Mark W. Sullivan. The words which best sum up the life of St. Monica are, "Never give up!" She did not give up on the conversion of her husband, nor on her famous son, St. Augustine. St. Monica persevered in prayer for their conversions, and she died a happy death knowing that each had given their life to Jesus Christ. The book begins with a biographical sketch of the lives of mother and son. It follows with prayerful reflections on their relationship with each other and with God. Each chapter also includes a meditative passage from the writings of St. Augustine. Although St. Monica is called on by mothers, she is the saint to intercede for all who are praying for the conversion of loved ones. Let St. Monica become your cheerleader, and never give up!  Softcover, 126 pages.

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