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Staying in Place - Recovery in the Church

Staying in Place - Recovery in the Church


Anne’s newest book is filled with clear and thought-provoking writing. Staying in Place, Recovery in the Church offers important considerations regarding the role of a co-responsible laity charged with representing the Gospel Message. Our personal relationship with God can only be enhanced by the rich treatment found in the writing on the mind of God, which compels us to become even more thoughtful in a time of distraction. How many of us have asked ourselves how to present God to those Catholics who find themselves in challenging circumstances? What are God’s goals for this time and for us, as we try to know Him better and better? How do we recover from wounds when people in the Church hurt us or misrepresent God? This book begins and ends with powerful locutions from Jesus, Who asks us, “How will you know if you are part of the recovery process?

Softcover, 250 pages.


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