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Surrender! The Life-Changing Power of Doing God's Will


By Fr. Larry Richards. Surrender! Does that word scare you? I have to admit that it scared me. The thought of not being in control of your life is a little frightening. But, after reading Surrender! I realized the freedom that surrender brings. Fr Larry, a dynamic retreat master, challenges you to "let go" of attachments that make you cling to the world (and to your fears) and fall into the arms of a loving God. Each of the seven chapters describes a freedom that comes from surrendering to God's Will. You discover how to be an icon of Jesus, how to hear God's voice, and ultimately, how to live God's Will in your life. Surrender! will challenge you to follow in the Blessed Mother's footsteps with your own cry of "Fiat!" (Let It Be!). After prayerfully reading Surrender! you will become confident to place your trust in God and reap the reward of a life of freedom. Softcover, 154 pages.

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