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The Hidden Power of Kindness

The Hidden Power of Kindness


By Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik.  There are many virtues lacking in society today, and one of them seems to be kindness. Kindness is defined as the quality of being warmhearted, gentle, and compassionate. Relationships with God, family members, and others suffer due to a lack of kindness. Kindness is one of God’s greatest gifts to our world. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is about developing a kind attitude. The second part stresses the importance of the gentleness of words. And, the third part focuses on how to show love in all your deeds. Included is an examination of conscience on your thoughts, words, and deeds for that day, ending with a prayer for kindness. Father Lovasik reminds us, “In the family of God, we are all brothers and sisters with Jesus as our elder Brother. Each time you are kind, you do a service to Jesus; at the same time, Jesus acts in your soul by His grace to make it more beautiful and holy.”

Softcover, 246 pages.




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