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The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich was a German Augustinian nun to whom the Lord gave visions. This book includes the visions He gave her of His Mother's life. It begins with her ancestry, tells of her childhood and early life, then focuses on her life with St. Joseph and Jesus at Nazareth. Jesus' public life is not included. We then read of Mary's place beside her Son during His Passion and Death. Finally, St. John takes Mary to Ephesus for her remaining years on earth and we read about her death there, her burial, and her assumption into Heaven. In describing Mary's body after her death, she says, "I saw the Blessed Virgin's body lying on the couch. It was shining, her face was radiant, her eyes were closed and her arms crossed on her breast. The Apostles, disciples, and women knelt round it praying. As I saw all this, there was a beautiful ringing in the air and a movement throughout the whole of nature like the one I had perceived on Christmas night. The Blessed Virgin died after the ninth hour, at the same time as Our Lord." The descriptions in this book supplement and illustrate the Biblical narratives in a way that makes the actual Scripture passages come alive. Readers gain insights they'll never forget.

Softcover, 395 pages.



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