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The Practice of Healing Prayer


A How-To Guide for Catholics. By Francis MacNutt, PhD. Recently my father shared with me a time when he prayed over me as an infant. I was sick and as he stood by my crib, he extended his hands over me and petitioned God to heal me. Catholics have a long tradition of praying for the sick, but many of us may not be as comfortable praying with the sick. In this book, Dr. MacNutt discusses why we pray for healing and its basis in Scripture and Catholic tradition. Some of the common obstacles we face in praying with others for healing are addressed. This guide will teach you how to pray for healing and the different types of healing prayer that are available. Dr. MacNutt stresses the healing effects of the Sacraments and the use of sacramentals in healing prayer, as well as the relationship between medicine and prayer. This book (as well as my dad) made me more comfortable praying for and with people. After all, it is not I who may heal someone, but God, who is the true Healer. I encourage you to intercede for others heeding the words of Jesus to "pray continually and never lose heart." (Luke 18:1)

Softcover, 134 pages.



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