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The Resurrection - Experience Life in the Risen Christ

The Resurrection - Experience Life in the Risen Christ


Does the Resurrection change the way we relate to the world? How can we allow it to renew the way we approach and live each day?

In twelve profound yet playful meditations on the Biblical encounters with the Risen Lord, Fabrice Hadjadj asks us to alter the way we view our relationships with others, service, food, money, Scripture, love, and more. He encourages us to see God's redemptive work in creation here and now. This new perspective calls us to experience the Kingdom of heaven in simplicity.

Softcover, 189 pages.

Fabrice Hadjadj is a two-time winner of the prestigious European Religious Literature Award, member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and a convert from a Jewish atheistic background. He is considered one of the most brilliant Catholic thinkers of our time.



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