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The Song of Bernadette


By Franz Werfel. Most of you have seen the wonderful film of Bernadette, starring Jennifer Jones. But have you read the book? I hadn't, even though it's been available at Dupage Marian Center for years. It's well worth reading. First of all, Franz Werfel, who wrote it, was a Jew. He believed in Bernadette and Lourdes enough to do all the research for the book. Secondly, it reads like a wonderful novel. You'll have an altogether different impression of Bernadette from in the film. Her picture on the cover of the book doesn't make her look beautiful, like Jennifer Jones was, but reading about her beauty while seeing Our Lady lets you know why they picked Jennifer. Franz Werfel was an outspoken anti-Nazi. He and his wife had to flee Paris, France as the Nazi approached the city. They wanted to come to the United States but they had no passports nor visas. They took refuge in the little town of Lourdes for five weeks, heard the story of the apparitions and drank from the spring. Franz vowed that if they made it to America safely, the first thing he would do is write this book. He kept his vow and the book is known world-wide. Softcover, 578 pages.

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