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The Warrior's Rosary Hematite

The Warrior's Rosary Hematite


The Warrior's Rosary, simply majestic! Designed by the author of the book, Called to Knighthood, Thomas K. Sullivan, and manufactured by premier Italian rosary maker Ghirelli -- creators of our Holy Father’s Official Papal Gift Rosaries -- this rosary is the only one-of-its-kind design. The one pictured here has 8mm hematite beads and includes a lifetime guarantee against breakage. This is an excellent Confirmation gift for young men!

Each piece is custom designed to embody the reality of a Spiritual Warrior in the Kingdom of God that every baptized Christian is called to be. 

Beginning with the Crucifix, made from Zamak material (a strong set of zinc and aluminum alloy in a silver and gold antique finishing), this Crucifix takes the three scriptural images of the Word made flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, and the Victory of the Cross, and combines them into a truly one-of-a-kind Crucifix.

The back of the Crucifix features the sword affixed to the cross with the word “KNIGHT” on the blade below the handle.

The Centerpiece is also made from Zamak alloy in silver antique finishing. The front features a design of the “Warriors for the Kingdom” shield and crossed swords. On the back, a beautiful image of Mary holding the baby Jesus raining down rays of Grace upon a woman Knighting a Knight on his knees, representing Holy Mother Church administering the Sacraments of Baptism (Enlistment into the service of the King) and Confirmation (Strengthening for Spiritual battle).

The Our Father Medals are also constructed from Zamak alloy in a silver antique finishing. No Knight, Warrior or Soldier goes into battle alone. The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes it clear that prayer is “a battle”. Therefore, this Warrior’s Rosary features a knight/soldier/warrior saint from different parts of the world and periods of time on each of its medals which forms an elite spiritual “Special Forces Team” that goes into battle with you every time you pray the rosary.

The first Our Father medal features an image of St. Joseph, protecting a family and casting away a dragon under his title as, “Terror of Demons”.

The second Our Father medal features an image of St. Michael the Archangel slaying the dragon Lucifer under his title as, “Invincible Warrior”.

The third Our Father Medal features an image of St. George of England under his title, “The Great Martyr”.

The fourth Our Father Medal features an image of St, Louis IX King of France under his title, “Lieutenant of God”.

The fifth Our Father Medal features an image of St, Ignatius of Loyola under his title, “Father General”.

The sixth Our Father Medal features an image of Blessed Jose Louis Sanchez del Rio, a 14 year old Cristero martyred in Mexico under the title “Viva Christo Rey”.

The Chain is hand made in Italy using brass wire & strong linking chain in a silver finish.




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