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By Michael D. O'Brien. This is the latest offering in the incredible works of this author. This time, he tells a story, based on facts, about the father of St. Paul's search for truth. Only O'Brien could capture your attention so completely as he brings to life the events of the early Christians, through the eyes of St. Paul's father, who is, of course, a pagan. O'Brien's research is extensive before he begins a book and it certainly is evident in this one. I learned so much about the early Christians and what they suffered to pass on the faith to us. The characters come alive and you feel in your own heart the grief this father felt for his son's "insane" beliefs. This book is large, but not as large as the others by O'Brien. Still, once again I was sad to come to the end. What an incredible writer he is.

Hardcover, 448 pages.


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