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There are No Accidents


By Father Benedict Groeschel, with John Bishop. On the evening of January 11, 2004, while crossing the street in an airport, Fr. Benedict was struck on his right side by a car. The accident shattered his arm, broke his leg in two places, and gave him a severe head injury. At first, he was not expected to live.

This book has two parts: the first takes place before the accident, the second after the accident. Part one is an interview done with John Bishop asking Fr. Benedict about his priesthood (which is a great story), his work with Mother Teresa (funny and insightful), the starting of his own mission with the poor, problems in the church and much, much more.

Part two is post accident. Fr. Benedict talks candidly about perseverance in suffering, hope in desperate situations, and about the two principles on which he had built his life - they had not changed, even during the difficult time after the accident. He is wonderfully open, which gives us all a look into the life of this incredible priest. This book is funny, insightful, candid, hopeful, sad, happy, and a must read for all of us who loved Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Softcover, 124 pages.

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