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Treasure In Clay


The Autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen. What a life! This book was originally published in 1980, one year after his death, and it has been popular ever since. Few people in the history of the world have been graced with the ability to use words to pierce hearts the way Bishop Sheen did. Just one example, which he wrote after painful surgery and a long recovery: … when the Lord comes to take us all, He will look to see if we have any marks of the Cross upon ourselves. He will look at our hands to see if they are crucified from sacrificial giving; He will look at our feet to see if they have been thorn-bruised and nail-pierced, searching for lost sheep; He will look at our heart to see if that has been opened to receive His Divine Heart. Oh what joy is mine just to have endured the minuscule imitation of His suffering on the Cross by having a wounded side. Maybe He will recognize me from that scar and receive me into His Kingdom. See what I mean? Softcover, 384 pages.

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