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We Walk By Faith... a daughter's gift

We Walk By Faith... a daughter's gift

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A touching collection of songs of faith, hope and comfort.  Recorded by Robin (Rohde) Kochis as a tribute to her father who died of cancer in 2001.  Part of the proceeds will go to the Richard L. Rohde M.D. Foundation Fund which directly benefits the Comboni Missionary Fathers who work "with the poorest of the poor" all over the world.  Dr.Rohde shared the Comboni passion for Mission and for the poor.  His life of faith and compassion were an inspiration to everyone who knew him.  These songs reflect his his love of life and his belief in the promises of Christ.  Beautifully arranged by David Phillips.  Exquisite instrumental accompaniment.  Joining Robin on many songs are the wonderful Donald Brinegar Singers.  Instruments used include: cello, harp, guitar, flute, oboe, alto flute, clarinet, drums, violin, viola, bass, percussion, piano and keyboards.
  1. The Cry of the Poor
  2. We Walk By Faith
  3. Sing of the Lord's Goodness
  4. Peter's Canticle
  5. Because the Lord is My Shepherd
  6. Only This I Want
  7. This Is The Day
  8. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  9. In the Breaking of the Bread
  10. God Beyond All Names
  11. Shelter Me, O God
  12. God of Day and God of Darkness
Playing time: 46 min

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